Basic Rebuild Service: Includes disassembly, inspection and replacement of all seals, O-rings and shock oil. Pricing depends on the shock being in generally good, maintained condition.  (All Pricing in AED)

1. OEM Coilover Rebuild                                                 350/- ea

2. Coilover, IFP Shock or Bypass

    Shock Rebuild                                                              350/- ea

3. Smoothie Shock with Reservoir

    or Air Shock Rebuild                                                   300/- ea

Basic Re-valve Service: Includes disassembly, inspection and replacement of valving shims, and new shock oil. Prices do not include parts.  (All Pricing in AED)

1. Pro. Revalving Consultation                                        Free

2. Vehicle Suspension Tuning Consultation                   Free

3. Shocks, Air shocks or Coilover Re-valve                   250/- ea

4. OEM Coilover or Bypass Shock Re-valve                   300/- ea

Shock Cleaning Service: Shocks received covered in excessive dirt or those that require more than a minimal amount of cleaning prior to service will be subject to the shock cleaning fee.

Please clean shocks prior to bringing in for service.

(All Pricing in AED)

1. Shock Cleaning Fee                                                       50/- ea

Additional Services and Labor: Services not covered or included in the above will be billed separately. 

Such services include and are not limited to:


Coilover Thread Repair

Seized Bearing Removal

Cross-Threaded Coil nuts

Top Cap Removal

DU Bushing Replacement

Cylinder Honing/ Repair

Cylinder Replacement

Stripped Screw Repair

Custom Parts Machining